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K-12 1:1 Initiatives

K-12 1:1 Initiatives

Providing students the ability to learn from home is essential in today’s digital world. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. (ITsavvy) has assisted several districts with their 1:1 initiatives.

K-12 1:1 Initiatives

The movement to 1:1 drives every student towards a modern education with a Chromebook as the delivery vehicle of information. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. (ITsavvy) assists K-12 school districts with the challenging task of selecting, installing, managing, and supporting their Chromebook fleet. Our comprehensive support model (Pre-Sales Consulting, Product Procurement, Configuration, Installation, Recycling, and ChromeCare Extended Warranty Program) allows us to make a long-term impact on the financially strapped education market. We are currently supporting over 250,000 Chrome devices of varying models and ages across our client base nationwide.

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Why Chromebook?

The technology in Chromebooks help bolster six critical skills to life after high school:

  • Critical thinking
  • Research
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Presentation

The Google Chromebook platform is the choice of districts because of the connection to Google Apps for Education, online assessment compatibility, ease of management and overall cost per unit.

Chromebook: A Versatile Tool

Excellence in education requires exceptional tools. Chromebooks provide versatility and collaboration for students and teachers. They can facilitate several different uses like lessons, homework assignments, testing and more. These uses are possible because of benefits like:

  • Access to the internet and Google Apps in and out of the classroom
  • Connection to an extensive database of up-to-date resources
  • Resources to assist students struggling with a specific topic or topics
  • The ability to hold quick and confidential one-on-one meetings

How ITsavvy Can Help

ITsavvy’s team of experienced professionals can assist your district with the planning and execution of your 1:1 rollout. Our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us today!

Let us help you assemble a great learning platform with Chromebooks as one of the tools.