ChromeCare Warranty

ITsavvy ChromeCare for K-12 Education

ITsavvy ChromeCare for K-12 Education

The Chromebook continues to revolutionize the way K-12 students exchange, access and obtain information. The use of Chromebooks in K-12 allows the classroom to travel wherever a student goes and the benefits are proven. According to Google, 40 million students and educators now use Chromebooks – and that number is growing. For all the benefits of a Chromebook, a couple of issues to consider are accidents and malfunctions. With ChromeCare from Technology Resource Advisors Inc. (ITsavvy), your K-12 students can have the modern education they deserve no matter what gets in the way. In this blog, we’ll explore the threats that can affect your Chromebooks and how ITsavvy’s ChromeCare Warranty can protect them.

ITsavvy ChromeCare for K-12

ITsavvy’s ChromeCare Warranty is a holistic, accidental damage protection plan for Chrome devices. It provides a simplified, four-step repair service for several types of damages, defects, and failures that can impact the usability of a device.

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Our Damage & Protection Service

Destruction, damage and hardware failure are almost a guarantee when it comes to distributed computers. But that doesn’t mean a student should go without this invaluable educational tool. With ITsavvy’s ChromeCare Warranty, your IT team doesn’t have to waste time troubleshooting or making repairs. Just follow our four-step system:

  1. Submit a Ticket – Submit a ticket online using our web-based ticketing system.
  2. Send Your Chromebook – Free delivery by mail or pickup (in select markets).
  3. We Repair It – We complete all repairs in Milwaukee, WI.
  4. We Send It Back – Our turnaround time is fast! Typically, 7-10 days.

Coverage Options

At ITsavvy, we deliver comprehensive warranty options with a range of solutions that meet your company’s specific needs. We can work with you to provide:

  • One, two, three or four-year plans
  • Retroactive coverage resources
  • Hybrid coverage selections

Warranty Features

ITsavvy offers a warranty that works for you in a single and simplified contract. To provide the best experience possible, you’ll receive standard features that include:

  • An easy online ticketing portal
  • FREE shipping both ways
  • A weathertight shipping container
  • All parts and labor Included

An Investment in Your Future

Covering your fleet of Chromebooks with ITsavvy’s ChromeCare Warranty is an investment, not an expense. No matter how often or to what extent your student Chromebooks stop functioning, you can work and educate assured that the issue will be resolved quickly at a fixed, affordable rate.

How ITsavvy Can Help

ITsavvy ChromeCare for K-12 allows you to be ready for the next lesson. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. is a Milwaukee-based IT services company with decades of experience. Our ChromeCare Warranty provides you and your students with what they need to keep learning towards tomorrow.

Our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us today and let us care for your Chromebooks.

Let us help you provide a great education with reliable Chromebooks as the tool.